If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Cornwall Kinsmen Farmers’ Market please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Check out our vendor lineup for the 2017 season below......  











DEM Flaming Candles

DEM Flaming Candles 2DEN Flaming Candles has been in Business for 4 years. All our candles are handmade at home. 

We have candles, diffusers, scented stuff animals, gel candles with embedded figurine and handmade candle holders wood and metal.

Our candles are made with 100% natural products. We have Palm wax, Echo friendly Soya wax. We also make our own essential oil for the candles only.

Denis & Estelle Forget




Food Activated

Food ActivatedFood Activated is a small business that creates activated, dehydrated, fermented and sprouted raw foods that are free of all animal products, grains and soy but instead consist of nuts and seeds. All nuts and seeds used are certified organic; most of the vegetables are as well unless availability interferes. When this happens the list of the "Clean Fifteen" will be applied or produce from our pesticide and herbicide free garden will be used. 

Our mission is to provide nutrient dense food choices and educate through workshops on how to accomplish a lifestyle that is enzyme active, mineral loaded and vitamin rich. 

Our Products: 

  • Activated and dehydrated breads, chips, fermented crackers, breakfast granola, power bars, nuts and seeds
  • dehydrated macaroons and cookies, vegetable powders for smoothies, herbs and spices, vegetables and fruits
  • fermented vegetables e.g. sauerkraut, kimchi
  • apple cider vinegar fermented nut "cheezes"
  • almond "mylk" sprouts and micro greens 

 http://www.foodactivated.ca/ or https://www.facebook.com/foodactivated/



Grandma & Grandpa Made Jams & Jellies

Grandma & Granda


Grandma & Grandpa Made Jams & Jellies makes 70 different kinds of jams,  jellies, relishes, pickles, chutneys and marmalades.


We also have gift baskets.



Strawberry, strawberry peach, strawberry banana, strawberry pineapple, bumbleberry, four berry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, cherry, pear, pineapple, marmalade, red and black currant, ginger pear, ginger rhubarb


Crabapple, Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Grape, Elderberry, Cranberry, and Mint


Orange marmalade, three fruit marmalade, and ginger marmalade


Mango and Rhubarb

Tomato chili, Green Tomato Chow Chow, End of Garden, Zucchini relish, Corn Relish and Sweet Relish


Red peppers Jellies, Garlic, Garlic and  Onion, Horseradish Jellies. Curry Raisin,  and Red Wine.


Pickled Beets, Dilled Vegetables, Pickled Weinners, Dilled Beans, and Pickled eggs


Regular Salsa, Hot Salsa and Tropical Salsa, mild and hot.


Harmonia Acre Farm

Harmonia Acre FarmHarmonia Acre Farm grows Heirloom produce using organic methods. Though they are not certified organic yet, they do intend on taking the steps to get there. In the meantime, all plants will be grown using the organic blueprint. (NON GMO, chemical free)

The Farm is ran by a Woman who farms, originally a city girl and former Government employee, Jessica Sigouin has decided to leave it all behind to pursue an entirely new path that she has always dreamed of, being a farmer. She is also student in Holistic Nutrition and intends to graduate in the summer of 2017.

Her partner, Andy Szelid is also embarking on this journey and loves the farming world. Being born on a farm, raised by a mother who grew their own food and raised their own cows, goats and chickens. Andy learned quite a bit about farming and gardening. He is also an Agricultural Mechanic and knows his way around farm equipment.

Jessica and Andy's passion for healthy organic food and leading a healthy lifestyle is what lead them to want to start an heirloom vegetable/fruit farm on their land. They are very excited to provide their community with fresh local heirloom produce!

www.harmoniaacrefarm.com  or https://www.facebook.com/harmoniaacrefarm/



Horizon Hog Farm

HorizonHogFarmHorizon Hog Farm is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of South Glengorry. Our farm is in Martintown Ontario, an hour and a half away from both Ottawa and Montreal. We specialize in the breeding and raising of Tamworth pigs in a free range, pasture raised setting. We take great pride in the rearing of our pigs and the quality of life we provide. We hope you enjoy our website where we share our passion for sustainable farming, hog rearing and country.

At horizon hog farm we do not just focus on the breeding of our animals but more importantly, the raising of high quality stock for the future. since the beginning, we have always hod Tamworth hogs on our form. they have been more than a delight for me * they are my pride and joy! We started with just two gills and slowly worked our way up to five because of our commitment to better breeding. temperament, fat content and growth rates are but a few of the qualities we value in our animals.

http://horizonhogfarm.weebly.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/pg/HorizonHogFarm/



Jack's Fudge

Jack's FudgeJack's Fudge has been making fudge for over 25 years and a baker for 15 years!

I am a local vendor involved in craft shows and farmers markets in SD&G, Cornwall to Kingston and Ottawa.



  • Fudge 8 to 12 varieties offered; butter pecan, pralines/cream, maple, maple walnut, chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate walnut, peanut butter, marshmallow, pumpkin/chocolate
  • Beer nuts roasted peanuts with cinnamon, BBQ & sugar free available
  • Deserts— fudge brownies, chocolate/banana loaf, chocolate zucchini cake, pumpkin chocolate, chocolate caramel loaf & moreks. 






JAMBEL is a bijou family run food company. We pride ourselves on promoting and partnering with local food producers. We are firm believers that supporting local business breeds a strong economic community. Shop local, eat local, be local is our adage.

JAMBEL products are made with fresh, seasonal and local produce. JAMBEL flavours are rooted in JAMaican and BELgian cuisine. Our food has won over many a reluctant customer, who at first, were apprehensive to experience a new taste sensation. Tasting ¡s believing. Our Jamaican specialties include Patties, Jerk Sauce and Roti. Our Belgian specialities include Brussels & Liegeoise Waffles and Quiche. Using only trusted family recipes JAMBEL has established itself to be a healthy flavourful alternative. Given the over prevalence of sugar and salt in everyday prepared foods, JAMBEL chooses to instead use herbs & spices. Sold frozen at stores and fresh at select farmers markets, no flavour is lost to the freezing process.

Eclectic in flavour and in services, JAMBEL does it all! JAMBEL offers catering services for modest venues. Additionally, JAMBEL provides a custom prepared meal service. JAMBEL tailors meals to your specific food needs (allergies and sensitivities). Homemade meals for the day, week or month(s) JAM BEL is at your service

Good tasting, wholesome and local cuisine is the JAMBEL way.





Lambros Quality Products

Lambros Quality ProductsLambros Quality Products Canada For many years we toyed with the idea of importing olive oil from our brother in laws olive grove in Vounaria, Kalamata, Greece, with the passing of our sister/sister in law Deirdre we decided to follow our dream. Lambros Quality Products Canada was established in memory of Deidre for her love of her husband Chris, for her two sons Philip and Matthew and for her love of Greece.

Chris and Deidre sold the oil throughout Scotland and Northern England for the last 20 years, selling at local markets, restaurants and delis. The most famous customer being actress Emma Thompson. Chris continues to sell the oil.

In September 2013, we registered our business and later that year received our first batch of olive oil. The olive oil was tested and a nutritional label obtained and we were on our way. Our first trade show was a huge success which continues to this day.

The Olive Oil is first cold pressed, unrefined and from a single estate. Extra Virgin Olive Oil — a true taste of Greece.

The History
During the 1750's 3 bothers were forced to leave their home in Central Greece, to save their sister from the local Turkish Pasha's harem. One brother headed for the Aegean Islands, the other west to the Ionian Islands. The eldest Lambros went south with the sister. They settled in Vounaria, changed his name to Lebessis, married a local girl and with the dowry, brought olive groves. A combination of rich soil, natural farming methods and hard work resulted in good yields of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Growers and producers have helped the Kalamata region achieve a reputation of some of the highest qualitv olive oil in
Greece. For over 250 years the family has maintained and built on the tradition of quality and purity.

www.lambrosevoo.com or www.facebook.com/lambrosevoo/



Seaway Valley Soup

Seaway Valley SoupSeaway Valey Soups provides homemade soups. My wife makes them a couple of times a week, different ones of course, and she changes them quite often. She usually adds celery and onion, fresh, and sautes them with the meat if it's raw. Then she'll add broth and water, she says it's too bitter with all broth. Sometimes she'll add tomatoes or whatever she has in the fridge. She doesn't change the taste too much but she sure makes it her own!

The soups always taste home-made.



  • Friendship
  • Cheezy Potato
  • Turkey Noodle
  • Minestrone
  • Home Comfort
  • Fagioli
  • Rice & lentil 
  • Beef Barley
  • Canadian Pea
  • Curry Lentil
  • Parmesan
  • Chicken Rice soup
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Quinoa


  • South west Casserole 
  • Chili 
  • Italian Goulash 




Stewart's Honey

Stewart's Honey

Returning to my mother's birth place here in Glengarry, she would have been the fifth generation to be born at the home we now live at. I am the only farmer among the clan !

Meeting up with a man I had many shared interests with, as a duo bringing together an artist and wood craftsman with boundless creative energy, can lead to many adventures. 

I told him one day I was thinking that we should have some honey bees on the farm.... well the bee business took hold !

Stewart's Honey is a delicious unpasteurized (raw) product, drawn straight out of our honeycombs . It has a distinct flavour of and woodland flora and pastures of sweet clovers that our bees can forage in. All our hives are placed in organic farms in the glengarry area.

Stewart's Honey line at present is, our classic liquid to cook with or eat. Creamed honey and creamed cinnamon to Stay on your knife! Our classic honey infused with organic garlic is amazing, drizzled over cooked salmon or veggies! Our handcrafted 100% bee wax candles are the brightest and longest burning candle, you can safely burn in your home, without causing cancer! Perfect for allergies and asthma symptoms as well.  All you need is 2 hours of burning to purify your home, while adding a warm glow and a honey scent just like the inside of a beehive.

Stewart's Honey has been working on 18 century wood reproductions, such as candle holders / grain boxes / garden and tool trugs and dough boxes. Live edge unique wood pieces including tea light holders, artistic bee box art and garden obelisks to name a few.

Stop by Stewart's Honey booth and taste a bit of summer in a jar!




Sunsational Soap

Sunsational SoapSunsational Soaps and Lotions was born out of a need to nourish my sensitive, dry skin during the harsh Canadian winter months.

Using only natural oils, butters and essential oils I strive to develop soaps, lotions, lip balms and other items to heal and nourish skin naturally without unnecessary harmful chemicals or artificial scents.

What started as a personal need and grew into a hobby has quickly grown into a strong desire to continue providing quality products.

All recipes are developed and made in small batches in Orleans, ON. Each and every product is tested by our family prior to being advertised for sale.

www.sunsationalsoaps.com or www.facebook.com/SunsationalSoapsAndLotions/




Swiss Farmer Bakery

Swiss Farmer BakeryGrowing up in Switzerland, as a little girl Regula loved to bake with her mother and dreamed in becoming a baker.

In moving to Canada in 1998, the Swiss Farmer Bakery was formed. We opened a business in Embrun for 11 years and has been selling at farmers’ markets. Since 2009 the Bakery in now located in Moose

Swiss Farmer Bakery will be selling for it’s 20th season in Metcalfe, Cornwall (the brick) 8 years and one of thefirst vendors in Long Saultin 2011. Most people know us for our delicious bread, cinnamon buns, cookies and fruit tarts. New to the market we will be offering organic bread, gluten free and vegan baked goods.

We also make custom cakes, mini desserts etc. for all occasions. Has catered events such as Eco Farm days in Cornwall, Lobster Festival in Russell, to name afew.




Verlinden Family Farm

Verlinden FamilyVerlinden Family Farms have been serving the Lancaster and area community with their fresh produce for over 30 years. The Verlindens are from Belgium and specialize in Endives throughout the winter months. Growing these beauties all winter long in their warmed insulated barns. Endives are sold annually at Hendersons in Lancaster and sold to distributers in Montreal and Toronto. However endives are also available directly from their farm in Lancaster. Right off County Road 17 just east of the OPP between Lancaster and Williamstown.

During spring till fall.. the Verlinden farms supplies their roadside stand with seedlings..annuals and perrenials and any in season vegetables. They also supply their stand and the Kinsmen farmers market with fresh produce from their many greenhouses. Anything that comes from this farm is carefully and lovingly grown for your enjoyment. If there is one thing we can say about the Verlindens it's that they care very much for their product and take great pride in it.




Wild Rose

Wild RoseWild Rose Organic Farm is tenderly cared for on the original homestead that has been in the family for well over 70 years.

Owner/ Operator, Diana (Eamer) Freeman is proud to be a 7th generation farmer carrying on the tradition of over 230 years farming in Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry. Wild Rose Organic Farm was affectionately named by Diana after the rose bushes that her grandmother planted which still grace the property to this very day.

From my dairy farm roots, we have spent the past 30 years transitionning the site to produce fresh, healthy, organic greens, vegetables, herbs and some fruit on 1.5 acres, and several greenhouses.

You are what you eat, on the farm we take this to heart. Healthy soil Healthy Plants Healthy Produce Healthy Bodies. We have a small herd of sheep, puff puff our llama and laying hens, so that we can use their bedding to make awesome compost to feed our plants. Compost tea is made to give our plants an extra boost when needed. Organic and permaculture are not a trend but our lifestyle that has been handed down over generations.

Moose Creek, ON KOC IWO 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

www.wildroseorganicfarm.ca or www.facebook.com/Wild-Rose-Organic-Farm-172216056151036/ 


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